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Northwoods Computer Services is a computer repair and sales store that opened November 2010 in Monson and relocated in May 2012 to the Moosehead Center Mall in Greenville and then returned to Monson as a home-based business in January 2017.

Northwoods Computer Services started out as a referral only part-time business working from my home. As referrals grew, I realized that the computer needs of the surrounding communities were greater than I could manage on a part-time basis, so I created Northwoods Computer Services in the summer of 2010 in a spare room in the garage. I had a workshop space and customer service counter, and I made the commitment to serve the computer repair needs of Monson and the surrounding communities.

Northwoods Computer Services continued to grow from word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers, which prompted our relocation to the Monson Center for two years, four years as a retail store and service center in Greenville and then back to a home-based business in Monson as the needs of the community changed.

Some Background History

I started out as an Electronic Technician in the Navy where I served for 10 years. After leaving the Navy, I relocated to Houston, Texas to seek new job opportunities. There, I worked for Compaq Computer Corporation for six years where I gained a wealth of computer repair knowledge and experience. This was followed up with a great opportunity to work at Hughes-Christensen in the Research & Development department as the technician supporting the labs electronic and computer equipment.

After 13 years in Texas, I decided to return to Maine to be closer to family. I enjoyed providing customer technical support working for T-Mobile's customer service call center in Oakland, two years at National Semiconductor in Portland and some time as a test technician at Alternative Manufacturing in Winthrop. But, as each job opportunity took me toward southern Maine, I found myself drawn back to the Monson area and that is when I finally decided to open Northwoods Computer Services and bring my full-time job back home.

—David Graham, Owner

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